Hi there!

We’ve created a new game to enjoy with family and friends. A memory game that will challenge you to keep track of a series of simple (or maybe not so simple) items to carry on a Backpack.

This is the kind of game that you’d like to play on a road trip in the car with the whole family, or with your friends around a bonfire during a nice night in the forest. One of the funny things about My Backpack is that everyone gets a chance to play and every player loses whenever an item is forgotten. It’s like we need to take everything out of the backpack and fill it up again. So, it’s fun for the whole gang, no one is left behind bored waiting for others to enjoy the fun.

The more you play with it, the more you’ll get addicted to it. And improve your by training your memory at the same time. I assure you’ll have a great time playing with your friends and Alexa! Play the game at a home party or a family gathering. Have fun with Alexa, she gets to play too! And I can tell you .

Let’s imagine we’re going camping and each one of us would like to take things for the trip, but we don’t want to miss anything, right?

So, the idea is that players take turns to add things to the Backpack. Each player must mention all the things that are already in the Backpack, in exact order, and add a new one. The next player will do the same, and so on until someone forgets something. That’s it.

Then, how do we play ? Well, that’s the beauty of it, it’s amazingly easy. You just need to enable the Skill and launch it:

Alexa will ask the names of the players and will give turn to everyone to add an item to the . There is one single rule: At each turn, the player must say the magic words:

Let’s play with Alexa:
Player 1: In my backpack I have a pencil.
Alexa: Great choice! In my backpack I have a pencil and a cup.
Player 2: In my backpack I have a pencil a cup and a string.
Alexa: Amazing! My turn now. In my backpack I have a pencil, a cup, a string and a table.

That’s it! Keep it up. Play on your Echo device and leave us a note of how you liked it or how could we make it better.

To enable the Skill from the Alexa app go here: My Backpack Alexa Skill

To enable the Skill from the Amazon website go here: My Backpack Alexa Skill