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What we do?

Web development, conversational interfaces and more...

Alexa Skills

Wondering "Who can help me build an Alexa Skill" or "How to create an Alexa Skill"?

We can help you design and create the Alexa Skill you need. Doesn’t matter if you want just Q&A, dynamic responses, audio playback, video, or a podcast Skill. For the Echo or for the Echo Show, you name it – we build it.

Our team has a strong background designing conversation flows and implementing NLP/NLU solutions using the Alexa SDK. Either if it’s an Alexa Skill for a game, a companion Skill for your existing project, or a startup idea, we have everything necessary to help you design it and make it real in very little time.

Our portfolio includes several Alexa Skills published in the US, UK, and Canada stores.

Google Home

Let your Google App to the experts

Need someone to develop a Google Home Action? Maybe you want to expand your service with a conversational interface. Or you want to make your data available for people at home using their Smart Assistants? Google Home is perfect for multi-language solutions.

Our experience with cutting-edge Natural Language Processing technology to build bots and assistants makes us the best choice to help you with your next project. Let us know about your idea and we’ll let you know about the market and the best way to get to it.

Not sure which assistant is best? Why not both? We have special offers for multi-platform projects. Let’s chat!

Web Development

Web development, web design, database design and backend development

You need a personal website, a blog, a landing page for your company, or even an e-commerce site to sell your product or service. We take websites seriously. As one of our main pillars, we know web pages are increasingly being visited from mobile devices, all our designs and developments are thought to be mobile friendly. We design, you test and approve, then we deploy.

Our multi-disciplinary team has years of experience creating websites for small and medium-sized companies. We can help you refactor your WordPress, Shopify, React or Angular site.

Still thinking who can create my website? Don’t take our word for granted, check out our portfolio and convince yourself. Drop us a message and let’s discuss what you have in mind. We listen to your needs and provide design ideas and support for them.

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow

Edward Teller

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About Us

We work in the future

We are a multi-disciplinary team of engineers building solutions for personal projects & SMEs. Our expertise encompasses the full stack. We can help you decide what’s the best service for your Virtual Machine on the Cloud and set it up for you, design the database for your dynamic website, plan the User Experience of your web, and finally build it.

Our passion is to build apps and websites that help people in their day to day. Since the dawn of Smart Assistants, we’ve been developing conversational solutions for the Amazon Echo, the Google Home, and Instant Messaging applications. Our experts in NLP/NLU have a strong Machine Learning background, which is necessary to understand how these devices work, setup the development environments, design the utterances, intents, and other main components.

We want to help you design your next project, we know how to bring to reality the idea you have in mind, we’d love to hear from you and discuss the details. Let us be your design companion, expand your service, get to your clients’ homes by offering your product using innovative services. You tell us your idea and we create an Alexa Skill for it.

The Team

Nohelia Lozano
Web developer
Nohelia is an Information Technology Professional with years of experience in web design and development, specialized in responsive websites with usability and accessibility features for browsers, smartphones, tablets and any other devices.
Giancarlo Colmenares
Alexa Skil developer
Giancarlo has a strong background in Machine Learning, designing and implementing NLP/NLU apps, Skills & bots that serve as conversational solutions for individuals, startups & other companies.

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