Have you ever wondered what to say to a loved one? What would be a nice thing to cheer her up? What are nice things to make people feel better? Making compliments is not always an easy thing. Everybody loves to hear something nice about them, about what they do, what they’re wearing, their personality, about their accomplishments, about their spirit. Saying nice things to your peers also keeps you (and them) positive, and that’s .

Even for the person giving the compliment, saying positive things creates a , and the more you say nice things, the more you’ll find them in people. Therefore, the more you find positive things in people, the easier it will be to tell them. It’s a great circle of growth.

When saying something nice to people one must be respectful, appropriate, and, more importantly, . The other thing about complimenting beloved ones is that one must be creative! You can’t be saying the same nice things all the time. Start with your close ones, they will be more receptive to your comments and that will help you recognize what are nice things to say and which are not.

Start by saying simple (but positive) things about a friend, maybe she just made a great sandwich, or he just got an A, perhaps your kid is very happy and has an amazing smile, anything is a a great thing you can compliment on; positive things are everywhere. Later on, you’ll be able to create more elaborated nice things, they will appear in your mind at the right moment just because you’re in that “positive state of mind”.

We have created an Alexa Skill to help you start spreading positivism all around. It’s called . And it does precisely that, it tells nice things to your loved ones, it can even tell you nice things. It is the easier Alexa Skill you’ll ever find, Just Ask:

Alexa, tell something nice to my mom


Alexa, tell something nice to my boyfriend


And that’s it, Alexa will tell you a nice, different, thing every time.

Go and try it now, be nice to people around you, focus on the positive things you see every single day.

We’d love to know what you think about it, what nice thing you told today, or what would be a nice thing to have in the Skill.

To enable the Skill from the Alexa app go here: Something nice Alexa Skill

To enable the Skill from the Amazon website go here: Something nice Alexa Skill