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Something nice

Something nice

September 29, 2018

Something nice is a nice and easy Skill for Alexa that we’ve developed to help people be in a good mood every day. Also, to help them get in a positive mood those around them.

We believe the best way to be in a good mood is by being positive, finding positive things in every day activities, in people around us, and, more importantly, telling about it!

So, if you’re blocked and don’t know how to start, then this Skill is the right for you. Something nice helps you by telling nice things to your loved ones (and to you too). Just use your voice and Alexa will tell you a nice and different compliment every day.

This Skill was built using the Alexa Skill Development Kit on NodeJS and using a Lambda function for the fulfillment process. From the user’s speech, we recognize and extract the recipient of the compliment and attach it to a randomly selected from our database.

Read more about what this Skill does and how it works in our blog.